Pelco Developer Network (PDN)

Pelco Developer Network (PDN)

Welcome to PDN!

The Pelco Developer Network (PDN) is the central source of information regarding Pelco APIs. Specifically PDN helps developers learn how to use Pelco APIs, become aware of any issues pertaining to Pelco APIs and Pelco products, and overcome any problems encountered with Pelco APIs and Pelco products.

PDN is organized by Products, Pelco API, Pelco SDK, and Tech Notes. Each of these areas contain various related links on the right column of each page. These contain information such as, Getting Started, Tools / Docs, Downloads, Tutorials, Troubleshooting, Related Products, and Tech Notes. You can also use the Search PDN field on the upper left.

Membership has its privileges! Once registered you will have access to various APIs, SDKs, downloads, sample code, access to the Partner Integration Lab and other development tools. As a registered member, you will also be able to provide feedback on our site's content and subscribe to page update notifications.

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PDN is a self-help website for developers

The Pelco Developer Network is a self-help resource. On this site you will find all of the information required to develop interoperability with Pelco products. Pelco does not provide email, phone support or warranty for the integration tools and information in this self help website. Developer support is delivered in the form of updates to the information available on this self-help website. Please be sure to review the documentation, sample code, and developer guides to ensure that the integration you are developing can be accomplished using the tools available. If you have reviewed the tools and information available and determine that additional information is required you can submit a request to expand the content to include the information required via the PDN improvements email

Useful Links

These links should help get you to the tools you need to get started.

IP Edge Device development resources - All Pelco IP Cameras/Encoders use a common API.

DVR's and NVR's The DX45/4600, DX8100, DigitalSentry and Endura each have their own independent API's.

Analog Pan Tilt and Zoom devices (Spectra, Esprit, Excite, etc..) - All PTZ and Domes use a common serial RS422 protocol for control.

Analog Matrix Switching Systems (CM6700, CM6800, CM9700, etc,) - All matrix switching systems us a common RS232/RS422 ASCII protocol for control. For specific product related ASCII commands refer to that products installation manual.

Other Useful Links