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Retrieving Recorded Video from an ONVIF Device

Retrieve locally recorded video from an ONVIF Profile G camera.

Pelco IP Camera Authentication

Select an authentication mechanism to use with ONVIF calls and the Pelco API.

Supporting HTTP Digest Authentication in an ONVIF Client

Create an ONVIF client that uses HTTP Digest Authentication to communicate with a Sarix camera.

Developing an ONVIF C++ Client Application

Create an ONVIF C++ Client application that communicates with a Sarix camera.

Generating ONVIF Proxy Classes using gSOAP

Use gSOAP to consume an ONVIF web service and generate C++ proxy classes.

Installing OpenSSL

Build and install OpenSSL, the open source Secure Sockets Layer implementation.

Managing Systems and the Device Cache

Use the SDK Object Model to create and manage systems, and clear the device cache.

Exporting from a Pelco Aggregation System

Use the SDK Object Model to export video from a Pelco Aggregation system.

Viewing Live Video with the SDK Object Model

Use the SDK Object Model to start and manipulate a video stream.