Pelco Developer Network (PDN)

About Sample Code

Any provided sample code is meant to be a reference implementation focused on educating developers about Pelco devices and video management systems. Though there are exceptions, in general Pelco sample code is NOT intended for immediate production use without modification.

There are several reasons for this:

  • By only including the minimum code, this helps our reader focus on the main concepts for understanding our technology more easily, more quickly, and more effectively.
  • Every situation is different, with different requirements and resources. Realistically we are unable to account for every situation without making our samples more complicated and less accessible.

Be aware that we utilize open source libraries with our samples, software development kits (SDK), and other software. Please ensure that their licensing terms are compatible with your project.

These open source libraries may be subject to the following licenses:

Generally open source software licenses are compatible for most situations. Please refer to the exact terms of the GPL, LGPL, and other open source licenses at either the provided third party developer's website, the Free Software Foundation, or the Open Source Initiative regarding your rights under said license(s).