Pelco Developer Network (PDN)

Audio Input

This web service allows clients to do the following:
  • query available and active audio streams and to request connections to those streams
  • play audio from a network audio source for devices with the capability
  • add full duplex audio capabilities to the audio driver
Allows a client to send audio to the Pelco device. In the case of recording devices, the audio is to be recorded. In the case of a camera and a decoder or VCD, the audio is usually sent to an attached speaker.
Use case:
There is a guard station with a camera pointed at a gate. The guards need to communicate with drivers arriving at the gate.
Microphone or other audio source available on a client computer. An amplifier is recommended when using an attached speaker.
Target Namespace:
Transport protocol:
  1. Connect
  2. Disconnect
  3. GetActiveSessionIds
  4. GetActiveSessions
  5. GetSessionParameters
  6. Query

For more detailed information, please see the Audio Input web service reference.