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Auto Focus Mode


Auto Focus Mode can be enabled using the SetImagingSettings operation.


For Sarix 1.8, Sarix Enhanced and Sarix Professional cameras.
Set the AutoFocusMode parameter to AUTO as shown below:
<i:SetImagingSettings xmlns:i=>

For Pro, you need to set the focus to MANUAL, and then back to AUTO. This will also work for the other Sarix cameras (1.X and 2.X).

Use Case:

A client wishes to set the camera to use Auto Focus.
Soap action:
  • SetImagingSettings

For more detailed information, please see the ONVIF device management web service.

Operation Support by Product:

NOTE: The following table may not contain all products supporting this web service and operations.  Refer to the Pelco API Web Services Supported by Pelco Products page for information about support for Pelco API Web services on your product.

ProductFirmware VersionSetImagingSettings
Sarix1.8.2 and laterX
Sarix Enhanced2.1.0X
Sarix Professional03.29X