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CameraConfiguration Issues

Ideal Configuration

Under most circumstances it is ideal to let the system automatically configure the camera (AUTO mode). Manually overriding these settings may result in unexpected behavior. In addition, ideal ranges for most attributes can be determined by the values that auto configuration mode returns.

Resetting Configuration

Unfortunately, it is currently not recommended to use the ResetConfiguration action for cameras that support PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom). By default PTZ functionality is disabled after a reset to factory settings. If you are required to reset a PTZ camera, you can re-enable PTZ functionality after the reset.

Updating Configuration

Every time you attempt to modify the camera's configuration, you must send a full camera config parameter. (Preferably, one you just retrieved from GetConfiguration and modified.) Failure to do so will result in settings (specifically the ones that were not initialized in the CameraConfig instance) being reverted to factory defaults.

Failure to use known valid settings may cause unexpected camera behavior.

Brightness Controls

The Pelco API supports brightness controls through the CameraConfiguration service. Some Pelco cameras support Brightness control in the user interface and some do not support it. The mapping works the same way for both brightness and exposure settings: the camera's web interface supports values from -100 to 100 (-100 indicating lower brightness or lower exposure/darker video), and the API supports values from 0 to 100. A value of 50, passed through the API, represents a value of 0 in the web interface for brightness or exposure compensation (where used) settings.

Cameras supporting brightness have day/night settings, but not the "exposure compensation" setting to which we map brightness on non-Surevision cameras. Changing "exposure compensation" for cameras that support brightness is not supported.

Supports Brightness Controls

Camera SeriesSupports Brightness Control in Web Client   
IL SeriesNo   
Non-Surevision IM Series No   
Surevision IM SeriesYes   
Non-Surevision IX Series No   
Surevision IX SeriesYes   
ID SeriesNo   
IE SeriesNo   
Spectra HD SeriesYes   
Professional SeriesYes   
Enhanced SeriesYes   



Some configuration settings (framerate, gop, resolution) in CameraConfiguration Web Service Reference's VideoChannel MUST BE IN NTSC VALUES, regardless of whether you decide to use PAL. Please refer to the VideoOutput Issues's PAL entry for details regarding PAL.

Device Supported Control Modes

Spectra IVYYYN
Spectra MiniYYYN


Sarix cameras use the newer StreamConfiguration service instead, except in cases where contrast, saturation, and brightness settings need to be modified.

CameraConfig Deprecated Elements

The CameraConfigurationWeb Service Reference's videoQuality section originates from 1.2 and has since been deprecated. It currently only exists for backwards capability.

The CameraConfiguration Web Service Reference's coaxMode section has been deprecated.

The CameraConfiguration Web Service Reference's cameraType section been deprecated for newer systems such as Sarix. This is only kept for backwards compatibility.