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Configuring Tours for Spectra HD Cameras

The following information describes tours and how to set them up using a camera's web interface or the ScriptControl API.

A tour is basically a list of presets, or predefined settings, each with a dwell time and transition speed.

Changes to Configuring Preset Tours

The API to configure a preset tour is private, and the only supported client is the Sarix web interface.

With earlier analog cameras, including models such as Spectra III, Spectra IV, Esprit, MCE, you could use the ScriptControl service to set up Patterns, a public API, to define a tour (creating, starting, stopping, or deleting presets).

However, newer motion-capable IP cameras such as Spectra IV HD do not have a public API for creating preset tours. Instead, you must use the web interface to define presets for a tour. The newer IP devices can only start and stop "Tours" through the same interface, but do not support creating/deleting. 

For backwards compatibility, the tours created with the web interface can be started and stopped through the ScriptControl API.

To ease this process, the Pelco SDK provides more intuitive calls (StartPatternRecording, EndPatternRecording, and RunPattern) to handle the underlying calls against the API (BeginScript, EndScript, and ExecuteScript).

Setting Up a Tour for a Spectra HD Camera 

You can create a tour for a Spectra HD camera using the camera's web interface (admin GUI). You can run this tour from the camera's Live page.

To start and stop the tour using ExecuteScript and HaltScript, you can set up the tour in the web GUI. Only presets created through Endura will show up. 

The the tour settings will be visible and accessible to the StreamControl web service and therefore to the PTZ Wrapper.

Tours are reported as PATTERNn by ScriptControl:QueryScripts. You can start and stop the tour by passing PATTERN1 to ExecuteScript and HaltScript.

If used with DigitalSENTRY, tours can be set up through DS Admin.


  • You cannot configure patterns or create preset tours using DigitalSENTRY Control Point or Endura WS5000 and VCD5200.