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Decoder NET5400 Series


Pelco decoders, such as the VCD, are high-performance, multistream video decoding devices. Their main function is to convert digital MPEG-4 streams into analog video signals. These decoders can display up to four streams simultaneously at a variety of image rate and quality settings, and they can process up to 30 high quality images per second.

For Endura integrated Pelco decoders, EnduraView ensures that the best image quality and frame rate is selected automatically without affecting the system recording rate. Pelco decoders can display video streams from various Endura products on the network. In addition to live video streams from multiple Pelco video encoders, you can play back video from one or more Pelco NVRs/DVRs.

Pelco decoders offer both unsecured and secured modes. Moreover, each unit also supports NTSC and PAL video formats.

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