Pelco Developer Network (PDN)

Digital Sentry Integration Issues

This page contains a list of known issues with the Pelco API implementation of various versions of Digital Sentry.

General Issues

  • When integrating with DS products, it is important that all products involved in the integration (DS, Cameras, and any higher-level systems) are time-synchronized to prevent problems when recording, playback, and time-stamping video.
  • Administrators must turn off the Windows Firewall to utilize the Pelco API.  Windows Firewall is turned off by default for DSSRV models; DS-NVs installers must turn off the Windows Firewall manually.

DS version 7.6.32

  • Do not use Oncam Grandeye cameras  in tours or configure the cameras to send alarms (motion, zone, video loss, and so forth). An influx of alarms from Oncam Grandeye cameras may cause DS ControlPoint to crash.
  • The system Snapshot feature does not work with Oncam Grandeye cameras.
  • Video from Oncam Grandeye cameras cannot be exported in the EXE file format.

DS version 7.5.456

  • The SetConfiguration operation for the CameraConfiguration service will return a 200 response from DS servers, indicating that changes have been correctly applied. However, only brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation changes are correctly applied, and only for analog cameras connected to the DS server. Other configuration changes to analog cameras, or any changes made to IP cameras, will not be correctly applied.
  • The GetSessionParameters operation for the VideoOutput service of the Pelco API returns a 500 error when used against the recorder service.
  • The DeleteScript operation for the ScriptControl service of the Pelco API functions against presets but will not delete patterns for a NET5400T Series encoder, unless the encoder is configured to use the Pelco D protocol.