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The DigitalSENTRY (DS) video management system is one of the most complete digital video surveillance system in the industry, accommodating a virtually unlimited amount of cameras in multiple locations. Its proactive video management system provides real-time, actionable information for your security professionals. Moreover, with the addition of behavioral analysis and IP camera integration, DigitalSENTRY allows you to integrate cutting edge technology to your existing legacy systems.

For Overview information, refer to the following. Click the Downloads tab for the latest firmware, manuals, and specification sheets.

Integration Support

DS versions 7.5 and later support the Pelco API and are ONVIF Profile S conformant. Users upgrading to DS 7.5 or later must download and install the service separately; you can get the Pelco API service for DS from the Pelco Download Center.  It is recommended that, whenever upgrading your DS version, you also update to the corresponding DigitalSENTRY Pelco API service version.  For example, if installing DS 7.7 software, you would also want to install version 7.7 of the DS Pelco API service separately.

In all cases, whether your DS system already had the DS Pelco API service installed previously or you updated the service separately, the service is off by default and must be enabled before you can integrate with DS systems through the Pelco API.  Run "services.msc" and enable the DigitalSENTRY PelcoAPI Service to use the Pelco API for your DS system.

For Pelco API Web services supported by DigitalSentery, click here.

NOTE: Digital Sentry versions ending with a "D" are intended for use in DIACAP environments and are not supported for integration purposes.

Aggregation Support

DS servers operating on version 7.8.65 or later support for the Pelco Aggregation Server 2.0.  To aggregate a DS server, you must install and run the DS FrameServer and Serenity services.  It is highly recommended that you match the versions of the services supporting Pelco Aggregation to the version of your DS software to avoid compatibility issues.


ASCII integration

This section describes how to configure integration of a Digital Sentry system for ASCII integration.

Digital Sentry Port Usage

This is a list of ports in use by a Digital Sentry server.

Digital Sentry RTSP URL Format

This describes the RTSP URL formats supported by a Digital Sentry server.

DS ControlPoint Reference Card

Use this simple reference to get up to speed and using DS ControlPoint quickly.

DigitalSENTRY Device Support

The list of supported IP cameras by Digital Sentry recorders can be found on the main PELCO site Digital Sentry page.