Pelco Developer Network (PDN)

DX4700HD / DX4800HD

The DX4700HD and DX4800HD Series hybrid video recorders (HVR) provide 8 or 16 analog channels along with megapixel IP recording.  As of firmware version, these HVRs support the Pelco API and the Pelco SDK.  The Pelco API is currently supported by all Pelco IP cameras and by the Endura video management system (VMS).

Overview information can be found here. Click the Downloads tab for the latest firmware, manuals, and specification sheets.

A list of the Pelco API web services supported by the DX4700HD and DX4800HD HVRs can be found here.

DX4700HD / DX4800HD models only support physical alarms through the Pelco API.

More information on the Pelco API can be found here.