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The DX8xxx DVR Series continues to deliver the feature-rich performance you've come to expect, while adding new market-leading capabilities. With added functionality and adaptability for a demanding market, the DX8xxx Series remains the DVR of choice for security professionals. DX8xxx systems surpass any competitive digital video recorder in the mainstream video security market place, featuring exceptional search features for fast results, expanded video display options that create a virtual matrix display, robust internal and external storage capacity with RAID options, integration to Access Control, Intelligent Video, ATM/POS recording, and more. Now more than ever DX8xxx systems meet the most demanding video security recording requirements.

For Overview information, refer to the following. Click the Downloads tab for the latest firmware, manuals, and specification sheets.

Pelco systems are capable of providing high quality video for both live viewing and playback. However, the systems can be used in lower quality modes, which can degrade picture quality, to allow for a slower rate of data transfer and to reduce the amount of video data stored. The picture quality can be degraded by either lowering the resolution, reducing the picture rate, or both. A picture degraded by having a reduced resolution might result in an image that is less clear or even indiscernible. A picture degraded by reducing the picture rate has fewer frames per second, which can result in images that appear to jump or move more quickly than normal during playback. Lower frame rates might result in a key event not being recorded by the system.

Judgment as to the suitability of the products for users' purposes is solely the users' responsibility. Users shall determine the suitability of the products for their own intended application, picture rate and picture quality. In the event users intend to use the video for evidentiary purposes in a judicial proceeding or otherwise, users should consult with their attorney regarding any particular requirements for such use.