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Pelco video encoders are high-performance, dual-stream, single-input video encoding units. Their main function is to convert live analog video signals into dual MPEG-4 streams.

Pelco video encoders can process up to 30 high quality images per second per stream. In addition, Pelco video encoders use motion adaptive de-interlacing technology to reduce jitter in 4CIF images. To make this possible, Pelco video encoders incorporate EnduraView video optimization technology to select the best image quality and frame rate for the target Endura product (decoder, workstation, console), all without affecting the system recording rate. For example, the unit selects a high rate and quality setting for recording and alarm conditions; it selects a lower rate for simple monitoring.

Another great feature, Pelco video encoders use video stream optimization to select the best image quality and frame rate for the target component (decoder, workstation, console). It uses the settings of the target component as well as system settings, system schedule, and event status. For example, the video stream from a camera can be recorded on Pelco NVRs at the highest rate and quality settings. However, for monitoring purposes, a lower rate might be adequate for the PC workstation. If an alarm event occurs, the video stream settings would change to display the best video at the highest frame rate on the PC workstation.

Pelco video encoders can be configured for three alarm inputs and one relay output. When an alarm event is triggered, the unit can send a message to an operator, trigger a relay, and implement video recording. The unit also supports activity detection. You can configure up to four activity zones. When Pelco video encoders detects activity in any of these areas, it can trigger an alarm event.

Finally, video encoder features pre-alarm video and audio storage. You can configure the unit to store up to five minutes of pre-alarm activity at a specified resolution and frame rate. When an alarm event occurs, the unit transmits the pre-alarm activity over the network to the target devices. The video encoder supports half-duplex, bidirectional audio over the network. The system operator (security personnel) will be able to see, hear, and speak to the subject. All Endura products support Pelco D and Coaxitron protocols. As a result, Pelco video encoders supports control of remote peripherals such as PTZ cameras.

Product Lines


This section contains information on the NET53xxT product line (NET5301T, NET5301T-I, NET5308T, NET5316T).


This section contains information on the NET54xxT product line (NET5400T-I).

NET5500 Series

This section contains information on the NET5500 Series (NET55001-I, NET5501-XT, NET5501, NET5504, NET5508, NET5516).

Spectra TXB-IP

This section contains information on the Spectra IV IP TXB-IP.