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Encoder NET5300 Series


The NET53xxT line of video encoders (NET5301T, NET5301T-I, NET5301T, NET5308T, NET5316T) are dual-purpose video encoding units. As a video encoder, it converts live analog video into dual MPEG-4 video streams. It can process up to 30 NTSC (25 PAL) images per second (IPS) per stream at 4CIF resolution. In addition, the NET53xxT encoders use motion adaptive de-interlacing technology to reduce jitter in 4CIF images.


  • Dual-stream, NTSC/PAL
  • Encode and Transmit two Simultaneous MPEG-4 Video Streams
  • Up to thirty NTSC (25 PAL) High Quality (4CIF) Images per Second per Stream
  • Video, Audio, and Data over IP Network
  • Simultaneously View Video on a Computer User Interface, Console User Interface, and Video Decoder While Recording to an Endura Video Recorder
  • Adaptive Deinterlacing Technology
  • Three Programmable Alarm Inputs (Supervised or Unsupervised), one Relay Output
  • Two Security Modes
  • Video Loss Indicator
  • PTZ Support Through Pelco P, Pelco D (RS-422) and Coaxitron® (up-the-coax) Protocols
  • Optional Wall and Rack Kits Accommodate up to 12 Units


The NET5301T-I adds a sophisticated video analytics engine to the video encoder function. Once installed and configured, object and activity detection behaviors can interpret activity in the field of view and trigger an alarm when unwanted activity is detected. This ability to process video analytics at the edge conserves network bandwidth; the unit only transmits video streams that have triggered an analytics alarm.

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