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Endura network example

In today's post 9-11 environment there is a strong need for security solutions to help counter ever-growing dynamic security threats. Regardless of whether it is simply general criminal activity or an ever-looming terrorist threat, organizations need a robust system that can help them respond to and quickly end these potentially dangerous situations.

Currently, competing approaches to network video are too simplistic and focused mainly on basic video transport, transitioning from coax technology to networking technology; while only offering Windows platform-based products. In addition, the competition offers limited product lines and functionality, such as only focusing on IP cameras or storage. Moreover, most manufacturers supply incomplete solutions for high definition video, relying on 3rd oarty components. In short, our competitors lack products that offer both mission-critical performance and enterprise scale functionality.

In 2005, the landscape of video security changed completely; Endura was born. Breaking away from the confinements of the centralized command and control, Endura brought to market a distributed architecture that delivered flexibility beyond comparison and performance without equal. Since its debut, hundreds of professional security system integrators have earned their Endura certification, resulting in the successful implementation of Endura systems in a wide variety of applications worldwide: government facilities, healthcare organizations, airports, casinos, educational institutions, as well as other commercial and industrial installations.

Endura Getting StartedIf you're new to Endura, you should start here.
What Is Endura?Provides an introduction to Endura.
Endura 2.0 versus 1.0These are special information  related to Endura integration when people want to transition from Endura 1.0 to Endura 2.0.
Pelco APIContains information on the API behind Endura, specifically web services (and the accompanying WSDLs and XSDs), as well as information on the Pelco API SDK.
GENAThis is an overview of the GENA specification along with extra information regarding Pelco's implementation.