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Endura 1.0 integration migration to Endura 2.0 integration

Major Use Cases

There are two major scenarios for migration from Endura 1.0 to 2.0.

1. Pelco API SDK Not Utilized

If users are not using the Pelco API SDK, the integration will still continue to work with Endura 2.0. Users will no longer be able to manage H.264 compression and HD resolution video. Moreover users will have to modify existing live mechanisms. Pelco recommends using the RTSP Server and PelcoAPIViewer.

As another option, users may continue to use the existing Pelco API. Please check the differences between standard resolution IP stream integration and Sarix in the IP Cameras section.

2. Pelco API SDK Was Utilized

If the integration of Endura 1.X is using the Pelco API SDK and RTSP Server; there is nothing to change. Just ensure it is using the latest version of the Pelco API SDK andRTSP Server.