Pelco Developer Network (PDN)

Endura 2.0 Networking Requirements

Within Endura 2.0, the NSM5200 has special needs with regard to network configuration, unlike the DVR5100's VLAN requirement. Unlike the DVR5100, the NSM5200 does not perform auto discovery to find cameras; the NSM5200 must be configured before use.

The NSM5200 will have a default IP address, allowing for initial setup. During installation, the NSM5200 installer will give users an option to set a static IP address or automagically get one assigned through DHCP.

The Endura network design, involving the NSM5200, will still be based on ABC block concept. However the A block will now represent a storage pool instead of a single unit.

By default, the NSM5200 will record cameras using their multi-cast stream. Potentially this can consume a significant amount of bandwidth. Specifically, if the switches are not configured correctly, this could flood a network with multi-cast streams. This is possible if NSM5200 / encoder associations are haphazardly created with no regard to network topology, resulting in an oversubscription of network resources.