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The EE500 Series EnduraXpress combines the performance, reliability, and robustness of an enterprise-class, mission-critical storage management system. It offers ease of installation and management that is critical for delivering a cost-effective solution to small-scale installations.


  • Recording throughput up to 250 Mbps meets demanding performance requirements for write-intensive applications
  • Hardware designed to eliminate single points of failure, including redundant fans, power supplies, and RAID 6 storage for optimum reliability
  • Built-in EnduraStore storage management increases storage efficiency by grooming recorded streams based on age and priority
  • Ability to serve 32 simultaneous playback streams
  • Performance levels maintained in normal and RAID error conditions
  • Built-in diagnostic monitoring provides preventative maintenance and SNMP monitoring
  • Ships with Endura® WS5200 software licenses
  • Software runs on a standard PC with Microsoft Windows XP Professional and 32-bit versions of Windows Vista Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise operating systems
  • Support for standard resolution and megapixel resolution cameras
  • Support for MPEG-4, H.264 baseline, main, and high-profile codecs
  • Zone of interest allows independent view and management of specified areas within a camera's field of view in live or playback views
  • Digital zoom in live or playback views
  • Convenient tear-off options to customize display
  • EnduraView technology mitigates CPU processing requirements and network bandwidth consumption for multiscreen configurations
  • Integrated configuration and administration interface provides full-management capability for all components
    • On-screen pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) controls including click to center and PTZ to selected area
    • Advanced search capabilities including motion, alarm, event, and camera
    • Integrated event and alarm monitoring and management interface


EnduraXpress condenses the performance, reliability, and robustness of an enterprise-class, mission-critical storage management system into a compact, stand-alone unit. Aggressively priced, the EE500 effectively lowers the cost threshold for enterprise-class IP video performance, bringing affordable reliability to the 32- to 64-camera segment.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient storage management
  • Affordably priced
  • Backed by full Pelco Customer Support


EnduraXpress is great for any installation intended to deploy at least four HD megapixel cameras, providing reliable scalability up to 50 full HD cameras, recording in full-motion on a single appliance. For medium-sized installations that are making a step-by-step approach to HD and do not have a large IT staff to dedicate to IP video, EnduraXpress is an ideal solution.

  • Schools
  • Smaller Correctional facilities
  • Municipal facilities
  • Hospitals and health care

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System Manager Wrapper

This section has information regarding the System Manager Wrapper SDK, which helps ease development related to System Managers, such as the EE500 Series EnduraXpress™. It includes information on how to use the System Manager Wrapper as well. 

System Manager Device Registry Attributes

This is a reference page listing attributes of System Managers (including EnduraXpress) that you can retrieve or set using the System Manager Wrapper.

Endura Express Issues

These are known issues and problems surrounding Endura Express.


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