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Esprit SE IP

The Esprit SE IP cameras are a Sarix platform based device. It shares many capabilities of other devices based on the Sarix platform especially the Spectra IV IP H.264 as both are using the same encoder board.


The all-new Esprit SE IP Integrated PTZ and Pressurized Camera System is a high-performance remote positioning system featuring an integrated camera and lens, pan-and-tilt unit, multiprotocol receiver, and Sarix-based H.264 encoder. Designed and built for continuous duty, Esprit SE IP offers dynamic remote positioning capabilities and is capable of remaining completely operational in 90 mile-per-hour wind conditions.

This industry leading integrated package offers responsive, high-speed positioning capabilities, outstanding weather protection and a level of aesthetics and ease-of-installation that remains unmatched in video security.


  • Encoder, Receiver, Pan/Tilt, and Enclosure with Integrated Optics Package (IOP), or 
  • Pressurized Integrated Optics Cartridge (IOC), NTSC/PAL 
  • Tilt Range of +36 degrees to -85 degrees from Horizontal 
  • Ability to Control and Monitor Video Over IP Networks 
  • H.264, MPEG-4, and MJPEG Compression 
  • Multilevel Password Protection 
  • Autotracking 
  • Internal Scheduling Clock 
  • Horizontal Zone and Window Blanking 
  • On-Screen Compass and Tilt Display 
  • Open IP Standards
  • ONVIF v1.02 Compliant


Additional Information

For Overview information, refer to the following. Click the Downloads tab for the latest manuals and specification sheets.