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Event Arbiter Library

The Event Arbiter Library allows you to subscribe directly to a single device's web service or to subscribe to all instances of a particular web service. For example, you can subscribe to all Motion Detection web services for all devices with a single request. You can use the Event Library even if a System Manager is unavailable.

Once a subscription is established, the software client has to wait for an event to fire. The web service then directs the event to the software client through the Pelco SDK. 

Events and alarms are essentially XML formatted messages triggered by Pelco products when some particular criteria is met. Specifically, Pelco products act as event providers and send the events and alarms to their subscribers. In most cases, event providers are web services while subscribers are software clients. For example, if an IP camera’s MotionDetection web service detects movement within a particular region in the video frame, it can send an event to all of its subscribers such as a VMS.

Event Arbiter Environments

EnvironmentPelco SDK Consequence
No System Manager available.You must subscribe to devices directly.  Pelco SDK cannot parse all event data.
System Manager available and the EventArbiter web service is active.You can subscribe to all devices at once that provide a specific web service. Pelco SDK can parse all event data.
System Manager available but the EventArbiter web service is NOT active.You must subscribe to devices directly.

For details on using the Event Arbiter, see the Pelco SDK Programming Guide.