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Event Manager

The Event Manager offers another way to handle events within the Pelco SDK. The Event Manager provides an abstraction on top of the Event Arbiter Library, and simplifies event operations even further. It allows subscriptions to system-wide events, that is, to an event triggered from any device on the network. (By contrast, you can subscribe to events for a specific device with the Event Arbiter Library.) When subscribing, you can select which categories of events you want to handle.

Event Categories

The categories are as follows:

  • Alarm Array Configuration events. These events are sent when an alarm circuit connected to the camera has been turned on or off.
  • Relay Array Configuration events. These are events in response to which the relay should be triggered. No events are generated.
  • Motion Detection events. These events are sent when a camera starts or stops detecting motion.
  • Video Analytics events. These events are sent when a video analytic alarm is triggered.
  • Diagnostic Reporting events. These events are sent when a hardware alarm on a device is triggered. For example, a temperature alarm, video loss alarm, and so on.

Event Manager Environments

EnvironmentPelco SDK Consequence
No System Manager available.Not available. The Event Manager requires a System Manager.
System Manager available and the EventArbiter web service is active.You can subscribe to all available web services that are
under a specified category through the SM EventArbiter web service with a single subscription. Pelco SDK can parse all event data.
System Manager available but the EventArbiter web service is NOT active.Given a specified event category, the Event Manager library automatically subscribes to the web service on all devices,  which results in many subscriptions. Pelco SDK can parse all event data.

For details on using the Event Manager in your applications, see the Pelco SDK Programming Guide.

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