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General Troubleshooting

Some answers involving code samples have a set of assumptions for proper operation by programming language (C#, C++). The code samples shown here may differ from the actual downloadable code samples, for better ease of understanding.

 By downloading any Pelco software, you are expressly agreeing to Pelco by Schneider Electric's End User License Agreement (EULA).



What are the options for updating a device?

Pelco Device Utility

The easiest option for camera devices is to use the Pelco Device Utility. The Pelco Device Utility is a Java based GUI application that helps automate the update process over the network. This software can be downloaded from General Downloads

Endura Device Utility

The easiest option for non-camera devices is to use the Endura Device Utility. The Endura Device Utility is a Java based GUI application that helps automate the update process over the network. This software can be downloaded from General Downloads.

Workstation GUI Software

For this option, users must have administrator rights to the Workstation.

Workstation software provides the ability to remotely update devices using the Setup screen. For details, refer to Endura Advanced System Management Software (WS5200) Configuration, which can be found at Endura & EnduraXpress System Management Software - WS5200 > Downloads > Manuals on

How can users extract ppm files?

PPM files are essentially just gzipped tar files, therefore this is a simple procedure.

  1. Change the file extension from .ppm to tar.gz.
  2. Extract using the appropriate utilities for your OS (gzip).

How do users determine a Pelco device's port number?

Refer to Determining a Pelco Device's Port Number for information about these procedures. 

Is D Protocol the same as Extended D Protocol?

Yes, there is only one D Protocol. This also applies to P Protocol.

How long are compatible Ethernet cables?

Compatible Ethernet cables should not be shorter than 3 ft.

A Pelco device is not responding to ping (an ICMP message). Why?

The following may be possible issues:

Device's IP Address Changed During DHCP Renewal

In this situation, the previous IP would no longer respond. In most cases Pelco IP products should detect this situation and restart. However, there could be an issue if the integration does not account for this edge case, and fails to receive the new IP address from the system manager.

To solve this problem, simply change the DHCP server settings to assign infinite leases to Pelco devices. As an alternative solution, provide problematic devices with a static IP address.

Network Connection Interruption

While the device is still connected to the network, data is not able to pass. This are potentially several causes for this situation, though the culprits are typically either switch hardware failures or network configuration issues. Other candidates include the IP POE injector. Certain brands of POE can interfere with the capability of the link; often this is seen in the inability to negotiate when the link is in auto duplex mode.

Hardware Failure Has Occured

There is always a small possibilty of these some devices failing. We recommend looking for specific patterns such as (but not limited to):

  • Are the failures occuring with same devices repeatedly?
  • Do the failures occur at a set time of day?
  • Are the failing devices on the same VLAN or trunk?

What is the suggested API for dealing with non-Active X and non-Windows applications?

The suggested API to use is Pelco's SOAP-based web services, such as the Pelco API's available web services.

Apple Quicktime License Clarification

Pelco does not license Apple software, for example, codecs and broadcasters such as QSS. Instead, Pelco provides an industry standard RTSP server as well as RTSP-capable IP cameras for streaming video. Through RTSP, we provide the SDP, which is a response to the DESCRIBE query. Pelco also provides unicast RTP and multicast RTPM.

Apple's Quicktime implements this open standard (RTSP), which is why we can utilize the Quicktime plugin as an embedded web player on Pelco web applications (assuming that you have already pre-installed Apple's free Quicktime player on your client machine).


Pelco Device Control URL

To properly determine the device's control URL, refer to "Is there a programmatic way to determine an Endura device's control URL?" in Endura TroubleshootingRetrieving a Specific Web Service's Control URL, or the Pelco SDK Programmers Guide.

C# Notes

C# programs require that you have either already generated proxy classes from the WSDLs or you have access to generated proxy classes.

If you want to generate the classes that represent the web services yourself, it is assumed that you will use MS Visual Studio (2005 or up) for WSDL stub/proxy class generation.

To implement any examples related to eventing, you must be on the Windows platform and you must register Pelco ActiveX controls.

It is not recommended that you utilize Mono, an open source alternative CLR for .NET.

C++ Notes

C++ programs require gSOAP for SOAP web service calls.

To implement any examples related to eventing, you must be on the Windows platform and you must register the Pelco ActiveX controls.