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NET5500 Series Video Encoders Release

The NET5500 software update version 

New Features and Improvements

  • Users can now set multicast values (multicast IP address,TTL, and the option to continually stream) using StreamConfiguration.SaveAllSettings.

Major Fixes

  • Corrected an issue causing the encoder to retain the default multicast address when DHCP was applied after the device applied the default IP address.This resulted in multiple encoders with the same multicast address, preventing Endura from streaming correct video.
  • Corrected an issue preventing users from setting an IP address with an initial octet between 100 and 109.
  • Improved PTZ control and latency when NET5516 encoders are under heavy load (high bitrate settings).
  • Corrected a memory allocation issue that resulted in unexpected restarts and gaps in recording when multiple events are enabled.
  • Corrected an issue causing NET5501-I models to respond to StreamQuery calls with a 500 error.
  • Corrected an issue preventing the encoder from streaming when added to a system using the encoder’s hostname.
  • Corrected an issue causing the ONVIF SetSystemDateAndTime function to return a 500 error.
  • Corrected an issue preventing the creation of more than 8 users or setting permissions correctly using the ONVIF CreateUsers function.
  • Corrected an issue preventing Endura users from silencing motion detection alarms.
  • Corrected an issue causing a delay when streaming video through QuickTime®.
  • Corrected a problem with the AlarmArrayConfiguration not setting the proper dwelltime parameter.
  • Corrected an issue preventing changes made to the device name through the encoder’s web interface from being reflected in Endura.

For a detailed list of product features, please see the NET5500 product page.

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