Pelco Developer Network (PDN)

Pelco API Use Cases

The following table shows the API Web services and the associated use cases.

Web Service:Use Case
Alarm Array ConfigurationSet/Get physical contact alarm settings on a device
 Receive contact alarm events through AlarmArrayConfiguration event URL
 Set/Get the state on an alarm
 Reset all alarms
AudioInput, AudioInputRTSP, AudioOutputSend audio data to an Endura device
 Receive audio data from an Endura device
 Configure an audio stream
 Query available and active audio streams from an Endura device
 Connect/Disconnect an audio stream on an Endura device
 Get active audio stream sessions
CameraConfigurationQuery a camera device's current configuration
 Update a camera device's configuration
 Reset to factory default
DeviceCapabilityDetermine what services are available on the device to determine the capabilities of the device
 Determine the URL at which the services are hosted to make calls on the service to use supported functionality
 Determine whether a service (for example, Audio) is currently enabled on the device or not
 Determine the number of alarms and relays supported on the device
 Determine the number of Audio In and Audio Out supported on the device
 Determine the number of directly accessible serial ports (not through USB) supported on the device
 Determine if PTZ support is available on the device
 Determine what compression formats (H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG, JPEG) are available on the device
 Total number of primary and secondary streams that are available on the device and how many are currently in use.
 Retrieve the best available settings for the primary stream
 Retrieve the best available settings for the secondary stream.
 Determine the current stream configuration on the device.
 Retrieve Recommended Primary/Secondary Stream Configuration for enabling set of services
ImagingConfiguration (for Thermal)Switch polarity to a different color mode, providing different contrast to the image and allowing the user to better identify a target
 Set Recalibration Intervals and Image Enhancement modes
ImagingConfigurationGet and set a camera's configuration settings
 Configuration of Iris
 Configuration of Lens Focus
 Magnification level of the lens
 Maximum angle of view of the lens
MetaDataEmbed text into a Pelco video stream (to show on live or playback)
 Customize location of text to embed
MonitorConfigurationGet and set the layout of the monitor
 Get and set the active channel of a monitor
 Get and set the border color
 Get and set text color and background
 Get and set the audio volume
 Get identification of a monitor
 Clear alert of an active channel
MotionDetectionGet and set motion detection regions
 Receive motion detection alarm events from MotionDetection URL
 Set motion detection enabled/disabled for a device
 Clear motion detection regions
PositioningControlPan and tilt the camera
 Set a specific position
 Retrieve a current position
 Retrieve current velocity, velocity limits and direction of the camera
 Get and set rotate and tilt limits of the camera
 Get and set the interval with which an event is to be generated when a rotational/translation change reaches the interval. Verify event
 Get position limits
 Allow the device to function at higher wind speeds (higher torque/slower pan/tilt speed)
RelayArrayConfigurationRetrieve relay state
 Trigger a relay
 Get and set the polarity of the relay
 Get and set the mode of an autotriggered relay
 Get and set the period of a pulse type relay
 Get and set the life span of an active relay
 Get and set the number of pulses if the relay is set to pulse type
 Get and set the number of physical relays associated with this particular service
ScriptControlGet the scripts on the device
 Create and save a script
 Execute a script
 Halt a running script
 Delete a script
StreamConfigurationGet number of streams supported by the device
 Configure properties of an available stream
 Get current settings of a stream
 Get available values for setting  a stream
 Dynamically change parameters of a stream
 Get the current active preset
 Get all the existing presets
 Start/Stop video multicast streaming immediately and on system restart
StreamControlStart video after connect (live and playback)
 Move previous or next frame for playback
 Pause the stream
 Seek into a stream (playback only)
StreamDiscoveryGet the streams from a camera
System Manager LocatorGet the IP address and port of the System Manager
VideoInput, VideoOutputSend video data to an Endura device
 Receive video data from an Endura device
 Configure a video stream