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Pelco API Viewer

The Pelco API Viewer will be deprecated in the future. Integrations should instead use the SDK Display, Stream, and Camera classes. See the Pelco SDK Programming Guide for more information.

The Pelco API Viewer is a Pelco SDK component that you can use to display and control video (MPEG-4 and H.264) streams from Pelco IP cameras and DVRs / NVRs / NSMs.

It provides a Pelco-supported player for integrating Pelco devices with third-party applications. This player can be configured to work in both RTP and RTSP modes. In RTP mode, the player uses one of several Pelco methods to initiate and control streams. While in RTSP mode, the player expects to work with:

  • Devices, such as a Sarix IP camera, where RTSP is supported by default
  • Software solutions like the RTSP Server

For details on using the Pelco API Viewer, refer to the Pelco SDK Programming Guide.