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Pelco SDK Development Requirements

Development Environment


See the SDK Quick Start Guide for system requirements and installation instructions. Visit Pelco SDK Downloads for the latest version of the Pelco SDK.

Improper use of audio/visual recording equipment may subject you to civil and criminal penalties. Applicable laws regarding the use of such capabilities vary between jurisdictions and may require, among other things, express written consent from the recorded subjects. You are solely responsible for insuring strict compliance with such laws and for strict adherence to any/all rights of privacy and personalty.

In addition to your client machine, a Pelco SDK compatible Pelco device is required. See Pelco API web services supported on Pelco products.

Virtual machines are not supported for streaming video from Pelco cameras or exporting video from Pelco recorders.


The Endura whitepaper has detailed information on networking requirements for Endura devices. Information presented here is excerpted from the whitepaper.

The minimum requirements for networking environments supporting Endura devices and Pelco SDK-based applications are as follows:

  • 100Base-T for IP cameras and single channel encoders
  • 1000Base-T (Gigabit) is required for all other Endura devices
  • Cat 5e cabling (Cat 6 or Cat 6a is recommended.)
  • Single or multimode fiber should be used for distances exceeding copper standards.
Firewall settings may need to be adjusted; see Configuring the Windows Firewall for Pelco API SDK Products.
Networking configurations such as Virtual Private Networks and wireless or dial-up connections can degrade network performance, resulting in problems such as connectivity issues or dropped video frames. Connecting to a remote machine via Remote Desktop Protocol is not supported.


Video Streaming and Exporting Peformance details the performance specs that Pelco SDK-based applications can expect to achieve. Video streaming and export are extremely processor-intensive operations and were tested in various configurations. Event monitoring and normal usage of the Pelco SDK is not processor-intensive and was not measured.