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RelayArrayConfiguration Issues

These issues pertain to the RelayArrayConfiguration service.

Sarix ver 1.8.2

The system cannot receive a relay signal and send an alarm simultaneously. The duty cycle of the relay must complete before an alarm is received. A relay with a long duty cycle may delay the activation of an alarm. For example; if a relay cycle is set for 30 seconds and an alarm to record an event is sent while the relay is active the alarm-triggered recording will not begin until the relay cycle has completed.

Sarix base64

Sarix base64 encoding for alarm and relay arrays mostly adheres to the standard. However it diverges from the standard base64 format in that it will always append an equal sign (=) regardless of whether or not it was necessary.

Number of Relay Outputs Per Device

Product NameNumber of
Relay Inputs
Sarix (IX Cameras)1
Spectra IV IP1
IP 1101
DX81008, 16, or 24