Pelco Developer Network (PDN)

Sarix Enhanced Series Firmware Version 2.1

We are pleased to announce that the Sarix Enhanced Series version 2.1 firmware has been released.

New Features and Improvements

  • Added the ability to record video and audio to the camera’s local SD storage. The only SD card presently approved for use with IME and IXE Series cameras is the 32 GB SanDisk Extreme® PLUS microSDHC™ UHS-I card.
  • Added support for additional Pelco analytics, including Adaptive Motion, Camera Sabotage, Loitering Detection, Object Counting, Abandoned Object, Directional Motion, Object Removal, and Stopped Vehicle behaviors.
  • Added support for motion detection through the Pelco API. This motion detection is analytics based.
  • Added support for both primary and secondary video streams through the ONVIF API.
  • Added support for video storage & recording through ONVIF API (profile G)
  • Improved overall video stream control, allowing independent configuration of primary and secondary streams. The camera now supports up to two 1080p, 30 fps streams.
  • Adjusted several default imaging settings to improve color in most scenes.
  • Implemented the ONVIF Advanced Security Service.

Major Fixes

  • Corrected an issue in which analytic alerts were triggered incorrectly when the camera refocused.
  • Corrected an issue that caused continuous oscillation between day and night settings as well as extreme low-light focus failures with independent IR illuminators.
  • Fixed an issue that caused extreme low-light oscillation for IXE Series box cameras.
  • Corrected brightness control within the Web UI. It was previously incorrectly tied to exposure control.
  • Corrected micro-fluctuations in brightness related to WDR.