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Sarix Network Ports

Below is a detailed list of network ports that the Sarix camera platform uses on the network. This information is needed to allow Sarix camera video streams through firewalls or other forms of network protection.

Port NumberProtocolService Name / FunctionDescription
22TCPSSHUsed for securely logging into the camera, to gain advance access (disabled by default)
80TCPWWWUsed to access the camera's web application which allows configuration and control
86*TCP/HTTPGetStreamUriStreaming TCP over HTTP (ONVIF only). For example, "http://deviceip:86/stream1" 
161UDPSNMPUsed to obtain camera's network and diagnostic status (disabled by default)
389TCPLDAPUsed for network and API access control (disabled by default) as a client only.
443TCPHTTPSUsed for secure access to the camera's web application which allows configuration and control (disabled by default)
554TCPRTSPUsed by clients to start streaming video and audio from the camera
799UDPSYSLOGUsed for advanced camera debugging
1900, 2901UDPUPNPUsed for both discovering the camera and querying camera attributes such as UUID
6700-6900UDPRTCPUsed to keep the RTSP stream session alive by client
6700/6701UDPMPEG4Primary Unicast
6720/6721UDPMPEG4Primary Multicast
6760/6761UDPH264Primary Unicast
6780/6781UDPH264Primary Multicast
6740/6741UDPMPEG4Secondary Unicast
6760/6761UDPMPEG4Secondary Multicast
6800/6801UDPH264Secondary Unicast
6820/6821UDPH264Secondary Multicast
6860/6861UDPRTSPAudio Stream1 Unicast
6880/6881UDPRTSPAudio Stream1 Multicast
6860/6861UDPRTSPAudio Stream2 Unicast
6960/6961UDPRTSPAudio Stream2 Multicast
6900/6901UDPEnduraAudio Unicast
6920/6921UDPEnduraAudio Multicast
8080TCPlocalhostlocalhost and may be used by OVReady API (OV-enabled cameras only)
30001*UDPPositioningControl::GetVelocityURLPTZ over UDP. Make sure to use "httpu", for example: "httpu://deviceip:30001"
Port numbers (marked with * above) are subject to change per release. Integrations should use the proper API call to retrieve the endpoint.

Summary of inbound and outbound ports

Outbound access : http (80), ldap (389), https(443), rtsp (554), udp high ports ( >1023), udp low ports (<1023)

Inbound access: http (80), svc-tcp ( 49152-49156), udp high ports( >1023), udp low ports ( <1023), rtsp (554), ssh(22)