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ScriptControl Issues

The following issues are related to the ScriptControl web service.

Error Recovery

Due to feasibility and system complexity, current providers of this service have no mechanism for error recovery. ScriptControl service providers do not maintain the previous system state. Consequently they cannot revert the system to the previous state in case of an error. For example if a script was in the process of changing a camera from monitor 0 to monitor 1, but was canceled before the next command executes; the ScriptControl service providers will not revert the camera that was previously on monitor 0 back to monitor 0 (from monitor 1).  

Script execution is a sequential; when an error occurs, either the script continues executing the rest of the commands or it just ends execution completely. This behavior will be individually determined for each command in the script.


Actions related to user-defined scripts require authentication. For more information, contact us through the Contact link on


In terms of using the BeginScript action, only D-Protocol devices will behave properly. Currently, there is a known issue with EXCOAXITRON involving preset names. Specifically, the new preset will fail if either of these conditions is true:

  • The preset's name does not end in a number that starts with 1.
  • Other presets already exist, and the preset's name does not end in a consecutive number continuing from the last preset. (For example, if the last preset ended in 3, the next preset's name must end in 4.)

Furthermore, this action only applies to devices that support recording and programming. For example, dome positioning systems have a feature called pattern recording. That is, the user can record a specific set of movement commands for a dome into a script or pattern. This action would initiate this process.

Maximum Number of Presets

CameraNumber of Presets Supported
Spectra IV IP256
Spectra IV SE256
Spectra IV SE Horizon256
Spectra IV SL64
Spectra Mini64
Spectra Mini IP64
Spectra HD256