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The StartFirmwareUpgrade operation allows clients to update a device's firmware.


This operation initiates a firmware upgrade using the HTTP POST mechanism. The response to the command includes an HTTP URL to which the upgrade file may be uploaded. The actual upgrade takes place as soon as the HTTP POST operation has completed. The device should support firmware upgrade through the StartFirmwareUpgrade command. The exact format of the firmware data is outside the scope of this specification. Firmware upgrade over HTTP may be achieved using the following steps:
  1. Client calls StartFirmwareUpgrade.
  2. Server responds with upload URI and optional delay value.
  3. Client waits for delay duration if specified by server.
  4. Client transmits the firmware image to the upload URI using HTTP POST.
  5. Server reprograms itself using the uploaded image, then reboots.
If the firmware upgrade fails because the upgrade file was invalid, the HTTP POST response shall be “415 Unsupported Media Type”. If the firmware upgrade fails due to an error at the device, the HTTP POST response shall be “500 Internal Server Error”.
The value of the Content-Type header in the HTTP POST request shall be “application/octetstream”.

Use Case:

A client wishes to upgrade a device's firmware version. The client calls this API service to update the firmware version.
Soap action:
  • StartFirmwareUpgrade

For more detailed information, please see the ONVIF device management web service.

Operation Support by Product:

The following table may not contain all products supporting this web service and operations.  Refer to the Pelco API Web Services Supported by Pelco Products page for information about support for Pelco API Web services on your product.




Sarix1.8.2 and laterX