Pelco Developer Network (PDN)

Stream Configuration


This service is used to configure the properties of streams available from a device.

In order to make this service flexible and applicable to different devices, configuration settings are not explicitly specified. Instead, this service will return the available settings and their possible values. To specify a device's configuration, you need to define one setting at a time. This iterative approach is required because each setting choice can affect the possible values and availability for other settings.

Use Case:

A user wishes to configure the stream settings. For example, the user wishes to change the bit rate and frame rate. The user retrieves the current settings from the device, then updates the settings, and subsequently saves the settings back to the device.

Target Namespace:

Transport protocol:
  • ApplyDynamicSettings
  • GetAllCurrentConfiguration
  • GetAllSettings
  • GetCurrentConfiguration
  • GetCurrentPresetName
  • GetPresets
  • GetStreamCount
  • QueryAllOptions
  • QueryOptions
  • SaveAllSettings
  • SaveSettings

For more detailed information, please see the Stream Configuration web service reference.