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Stream Configuration Overview


For updated information on this web service such as bugs and special issues, refer to the StreamConfiguration Issues section.

This service is used to configure the properties of streams available from a device.

In order to make this service flexible and applicable to different devices, configuration settings are not explicitly specified. Instead, this service will return the available settings and their possible values. To specify a device's configuration, you need to define one setting at a time. This iterative approach is required because each setting choice can affect the possible values and availability for other settings.

Every device should document settings made available through this service, so that specialized UIs are possible. However, it should be possible for a generic API to display any configuration returned by this service fairly well. The setting names should also be maintained consistently across multiple devices.

This service meets several needs not currently addressed by the present API. One need is the decoupling of the camera configuration from the system as a whole. As we move forward into more open environments, individual cameras will need to provide a robust configuration API that is applicable to as many situations as possible. Another area that is currently lacking is the ability to determine the capabilities of a camera at runtime. This becomes crucial due to the range of capabilities of the Odyssey platform based cameras (e.g. SD vs. HD, co-processor/no co-processor). Finally, another requirement is flexibility. The service should be flexible enough to represent cameras whose features are not currently known.



StreamConfiguration Usage

This gives an overview of common tasks related to StreamConfiguration.

StreamConfiguration Web Service Reference

This is a reference for the StreamConfiguration web service, which includes data types and actions.

StreamConfiguration Issues

This is a compilation of special issues related to StreamConfiguration.


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