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StreamConfiguration Issues


Deprecated Actions

The following actions have been deprecated. It is advised that users transition to actions that replace deprecated actions listed here. Listed next to each deprecated action, is another action that replaces its functionality.



Sarix cameras currently do not support configuring hue. For details, contact us through the Contact link on

Contrast, Saturation, and Brightness

For certain Sarix camera settings such as contrast, saturation, and brightness; users are still required to use the CameraConfiguration service. For details on using the CameraConfiguration service for updating these settings, please refer to the Modifying a camera's configuration entry.

Please refer to the Automatic Configuration entry below for more details.

The CameraConfiguration service and Sarix web interface have a different range of values for all three settings. The Sarix web interface has a range from -100 to 100, while in the CameraConfiguration service it accepts values from 0 to 100. It should be noted that these values scale with one another, so a "-50" setting in the Sarix web interface would be equivalent to "25" for the CameraConfiguration service.

Automatic Configuration

Sarix cameras rely on automatic configuration for contrast, saturation, and brightness settings, which is on by default. To manually configure any of these settings, users must set all three settings to manual mode instead of automatic, through the CameraConfiguration service. This will turn off automatic configuration which may have some unexpected results. To revert back to automatic configuration, users will need to access the Sarix camera web configuration application.

For details on using the Sarix camera's web configuration application, please refer to the camera manual, which can be found on any of the corresponding Sarix camera product pages.


Calling SaveAllSettings is meant for saving multiple changes to configuration settings at one time. It is not meant to be repeatedly called (i.e. Calling it for every single configuration setting change).

For the SaveAllSettings action to work properly, users must pass in a full configuration and NOT a partial configuration, which includes all of the settings and their respective values; even for settings that are not being changed. Passing in only a partial configuration or an invalid configuration will result in an error.


This action has been deprecated. Please use the SaveAllSettings action instead.