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System Manager


The SM5200 is a network appliance that serves as the system management component of the Pelco Endura ® system. The SM5200 manages the discovery and registration of all Endura components and cameras on the network.


  • Manages Endura IP video management system
  • Administers rights and privileges for all endura users
  • Stores and administers secure keys for system level security
  • Logs errors and alarms
  • Provides DHCP address management for Endura components
  • Functions as a time server (NTP) for all devices on the Endura network
  • Supports failover services for system redundancy
  • Acts as a gateway, providing access to Endura over a public network
  • Includes web interface for for easy configuration
  • Online video transcoder supports browser-based access to cameras and low bandwidth networks
  • Includes up to 12 TB of storage in a RAID 5 configuration to host exported video
  • This powerfully flexible system provides the ability for all Endura devices to work together, customized to customer needs.

There are two models of System Manager: the original SM5000 and the later SM5200; the SM5200 is intended to replace the SM5000.  Refer to upgrading to the SM5200 System Manager for an explanation of the new System Manager features and information about migrating from an SM5000 platform to the SM5200.

The SM5000 is not compatible with Pelco SDK version 4.0.1 and newer.

For Overview information, refer to the following. Click the Downloads tab for the latest firmware, manuals, and specification sheets.