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The UDI5000-CAM universal device interface is designed to allow third-party IP cameras to easily and transparently interface to the Endura® system. With the proliferation of IP camera technology, a great deal of variability exists between IP camera vendors in terms of supported protocols for streaming and command and control. While efforts are underway to create an industry standard, each vendor has and may continue to have several disparate protocols and drivers that their family of IP Cameras support. The UDI5000-CAM provides an efficient way to normalize disparate drivers and protocols into a cohesive set that is compatible with Endura and the rest of Pelco's IP video surveillance portfolio.


  • Concurrently runs disparate drivers in support of MPEG-4 or H.264 compliant third-party IP cameras
  • Handles command and control translations between Endura® and each third-party IP camera in support of PTZ protocols
  • Accommodates cameras supporting RTP, RTSP, TCP, HTTP polling, and several custom transmission protocols
  • Normalizes camera stream parameters to support Endura's scalable, real-time monitoring and recording capabilities
  • Small, independently configured servers can accommodate up to 16 standard resolution streams or megapixel streams (depending on camera, vendor, and bandwidth)
  • No additional camera connection licenses required

Supported Edge Devices

The supported edge device list is available from

UDI5000-CAM Supported Edge Device ListC4622MEnglishMar 2013diskC4622M-A_UDI5000-CAM_EdgeDeviceList-1.pdf('225 KB')


UDI5000-CAM API Commands for SNMPC5602M-AEnglishSep 2011diskC4622M-A_UDI5000-CAM_EdgeDeviceList-1.pdf('225 KB')

Supported Web Services

Camera Configuration

Lens Control

Positioning Control

Stream Control

Script Control

Video Input

Video Output