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VideoXpert Released

VideoXpert, Pelco's next-generation video management system, is now available.

New Features, Improvements, and Updates

VideoXpert features a new, simplified interface, designed to show the user only the controls and options they need in context.  The system itself is expandable modularly while still providing the stability you expect from an enterprise-class video management system.  

VideoXpert supports migration paths from Digital Sentry and VideoXpert.  Reuse your current hardware; transfer your database; integrate existing platforms as storage.  Through VideoXpert, you gain functionality without starting from scratch.

VideoXpert software distributions are available on  Purpose built hardware is available for order.

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Important Information

VideoXpert software can be deployed in tandem with existing DS and Endura environments.  VideoXpert can utilize NSM5200 models as storage, and will support DSSRV/DSSRV2 models as storage platforms in subsequent releases.

VideoXpert Core software includes a 7-day grace period, during which you can setup and configure your system.  At the end of the grace period, you must license the system to continue using VideoXpert.

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