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VideoXpert SDK

Pelco, Inc. offers the Pelco VideoXpert Software Development Kit (VideoXpert SDK) to help our development partners write applications that communicate with Pelco products and integrate with non-Pelco products and software. The Pelco VideoXpert SDK handles the interface to VideoXpert, which then communicates with various Pelco devices on behalf of your application.

It is currently available for Windows, and supports: C++, C#, and .NET.

(Linux versions are no longer available and are not being updated).

VideoXpert 3.X+ Systems will require updated versions of VideoXpert SDK 3.0 or higher to communicate. These new versions will require Licenses for the SDK to communicate with and have acces to VideoXpert. Updated versions of the VideoXpert SDK will be published to the Downloads page when it becomes available.
You are required to use a license string to log into VideoXpert 3.x using the VideoXpert SDK.  These license strings are made specifically for your company and your integration.  Please contact a Pelco Technical Sales Engineer to describe your integration and opportunity, and they can assist to provide a license string to you.
VideoXpert SDK 3.X is NOT compatible with 2.X or older VideoXpert systems.

Where to go from here?

The Documentation page provides links to:

  • Command Reference
  • Frequently Asked Questions

The Downloads page contains the following:

  • SDK software
  • Release notes
  • Sample code