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VideoXpert SDK Frequently Asked Questions

I get the device list using the SDK, then I group devices according to their device types. This gives me a list of cameras and recorders. Is there a way to determine which recorder records which cameras?

Yes. Although it’s simpler to use IVxDataSource and IVxDataStorage. You can get a collection containing all of the data storages (recorders) from the system using IVxSystem::GetDataStorages. Then you can call IVxDataStorage::GetDataSources on each IVxDataStorage object to get a collection of the data sources (cameras) assigned to it. Also, if you want a list of all available data sources you can call IVxSystem::GetDataSources.

If you prefer to continue using the approach of grouping devices by type, you can although we do not recommend it. You will need to perform the steps above to get the collection of data storages and their data sources. Then call GetHostDevice on each data source/data storage to get the hosting device. From there you will have the list of camera devices recording to each recorder device.

Is there a way to add ONVIF cameras to the CMG as device using SDK?

No. There is currently no way to add devices to a VideoXpert system using the SDK. ou must use the Admin Portal to configure the system.

How do I keep a stream alive? The methods I'm using are not working!

VideoXpert is very particular about what it considers a 'keep alive' request. You must send an RTSP GetParameters call every 30 seconds, or video will stop. Other RTP clients allow RTSP GetOptions, or other RTCP requests to keep a stream alive, but not VideoXpert. 

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