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Access to OCC plugin Area

Need access to OCC area


We are a Brazilian company that works in security area for project, installation and maintenance. Our main customers are class A shopping centers an government.

We already have a product for LPR that is very well accepted by market.

Discussing with Pelco-Schneider Brazil team, we agreed to create a plugin of our LPR software to VX system.

I already have an account at PDN, but need access to VX plugins SDK area to start integration.

Could you please give us such access?

My user is aprivi, email account:

Thanks for your attention.

Alexandre Privitera

Hello there! Thank you for your post.

I have added permissions to your user profile so that you can view the VX OpsCenter Plug-Ins section of the site here.

Please keep in mind that we are also working on a solution for better documentation for plugin development and a process for developers who wish to write plugins for Pelco VideoXpert. Much of what we had for the PDK is very much out of date. Please stay tuned and keep an eye on the GitHub repository or the Plugin page here on PDN for updates.

There is additional important information on this other forum topic here that you may find helpful. There is a Plugin sample at the Pelco Integrations GitHub site.


Thank you for all. Will pay attention to Git.



Sounds good!

Access to OCC Plugin area

I will also need access to the OCC Plugin area, can you please help me with this?. I´m TSE for Pelco LASA, / Thank you.

Carlos - I've added that to your PDN account as well. You'll see there isn't a lot, but there is some information there.

Plug-in Developer Key


We are in process of development our plugin. How to obtain the Plug-in Developer Key?



Hello there!

Please reach out to our Partner First contacts, listed on this page of Contact Partner First. I suggest emailing Peter to begin dialog with him about requesting the key.