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AccessViolationException during getting camera devices

We try to get camera devices by using PelcoMediaControl as below
var systems = ctrl.SystemCollection;
but we get AccessViolationException during this operation.
And also the count of ctrl.SystemCollection is zero(0).
We tried same operation with Pelco.SDK.dll as below and everything was well.Why we have a such problem with PelcoMediaControl ?
_systemCollection = new Pelco.SDK.SystemCollection();
Could you help us ?

What VMS system are you trying to use Pelco SDK with? If you are using VideoXpert. newer versions are steadily having more problems with past developments that used Pelco SDK.

I presume, like your other posts, you're using the last release of Pelco SDK (4.2.1). Is there a reason that you are using Pelco SDK instead of other tools or options? No work has been done using Pelco SDK in years now, and no development or support is devoted to it. If you are writing a new development project to use with Pelco equipment, Pelco SDK is not what we would recommend that you use.

As a note, there may be delay in responses this week. We are moving offices.