Pelco Developer Network (PDN)

Activating Wiper using ONVIF

There are 2 ONVIF ways to trigger the wiper (and our latest firmware supports both on all products that have this available):
Device::SendAuxiliaryCommand with “tt:Wiper|On” as the AuxiliaryCommand
PTZ::SendAuxiliaryCommand with “tt:Wiper|On” as the AuxiliaryCommand

If you need to know how to discover if this AuxiliaryCommand (or any other one) exists on the camera you can use:
Device::GetCapabilities and look at the Capabilities->Device->IO->Extension->AuxiliaryCommands in the response
PTZ::GetNode(s) and look at the PTZNode->AuxiliaryCommands in the response

Note that “tt:Washer|On” and “tt:IRLamp|On” as well in the future “WhiteLamp|On” also exist in this API for future reference.