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AlarmArrayConfiguration events

Hi there,

I have three cameras:
IBE329, - Firmware:
IME229, - Firmware:
IXP51, - Firmware: 03.29.63-20170210

I subscribe to the AlarmArrayConfiguration events and get a successful response.

On the IXP51, I get the state change of the alarm whenever there is one.

On the other two (IBE329 and IME229), I only get the state immediately after subscribing, but do not get any updates thereafter. I suspect that this is a firmware issue. Can you please check and get back to me on this?

Thank you for your post.

I do see that we have a recent firmware release for the Enhanced model cameras ( The first two cameras that you have indicated are a different product line, and thus have some differences, then the IXP Professional model series of cameras. That is why the firmware versions are so radically different between the two.

My first suggestion would be to try to update the two Enhanced cameras to the August release (be sure to sort the list from to "Release Date").

If you are still failing to see event notifications from the two Enhanced cameras, I would suggest reaching out to our Product Support team for further assistance. The Product teams will want to know about this behavior. That team can help to troubleshoot and to through setup steps to ensure that it should be functioning properly.