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Assistance with integration using API


I am trying to do an integration using the Pelco API using the following camera models:
IME319 with firmware
IME229-1RS with firmware

I have come across a few issues which you can hopefully assist me with.

1. Using GetStreamCount, both cameras tell me that there are 3 available streams. However, when requesting GetAllCurrentConfiguration, the response only gives me information on 2 streams. How can I get information on the third stream?

2. I am using GENA to get analytics and alarm events. On the IME319, I do not have a problem, however, on the IME229, I get an "HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error" when subscribing to analytics events. The alarm events are fine.

3. How can I set up the multicast IP and port?

4. How can I enable and disable the audio that's provided in the RTP stream? At the moment, I can do this on the web interface but cannot find a way to do it via the API.

Thank you for your descriptive questions and the information you've provided. This helps tremendously in being able to help out. Here is some information related to your questions to try and help you out:

1. I'll be honest; I've always thought that the cameras only had 2 configurable streams. For years that's always been the case. When I run GetStreamCount I do see the same value of "3" returned, but I've never known of a 3rd configurable stream. Sadly I don't know the answer to the question as to why that call returns "3". My best bet is that either this is an old call that returns a multicast stream as well as the 2 primary & secondary ones, or it is a deprecated call of some kind. For years I've only used the requests that have "All" in the name and believed any others without that string in the name were basically deprecated and only there for backwards compatibility. I wish I could provide you with better answers to this one.

2. Are VideoAnalytics set up and the service running on the camera? Sadly this sounds like it may be an issue with the Sarix Enhanced 2 camera ... a 500 server error might indicate that the camera isn't running the service. If you try using the URL"camera_IP/Device.xml", you should get xml data of the services running there. Take a look and see if VideoAnalytics is a service that is running. Another thought might be to check firmware versions and see if there is a newer version, since that is a Sarix Enhanced 2 model camera it is a little newer. You might try contacting Pelco Product support for additional help on this one specifically in case it is a camera issue.

3. Setting the multicast IP and port via the StreamConfiguration API isn't something that is widely published. It was introduced around Legacy Sarix 1.8 and hopefully is something that is supported on all later Sarix models. Admittedly I personally have not tested it out on all of our cameras, since it isn't a common use case that I'm asked about. Here are the tags that you can test out when sending a SaveAllSettings to set this up on a per-stream basis:


4. Setting the camera's Audio services should be something you can configure using the CameraConfiguration API. There's a value in Get/SetConfiguration for that I believe is what you need. Set that to 0 for OFF and 1 for ON (a value of -1 should indicate that audio is not supported).

Hopefully you find this information helpful. Thank you again for your detailed questions!