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Audio back channel support

Need to add support for audio back channel support(audio to camera) for Pelco cameras

Does Pelco devices provide support for ONVIF based back channel support. There is not much information about the audio back channel(two way audio) support. As per my understanding I need to use AudioInputRtspV1.wsdl. But what is the method to be used to stream audio to camera is not known. Kindly help in adding this support.

I'm sorry to say that there are few Pelco cameras that support bi-directional audio via Pelco API or ONVIF these days according to the documentation that we have. As you've already seen the most common way is to use the AudioInputRTSP WSDL file from Pelco API or RSTP via ONVIF.

The Pelco API link on the left does supply information on the following pages:

Comparison of Pelco API and ONVIF API
Pelco API web services supported on Pelco products

Please review the information available at those links. Audio is a quite uncommon use case for our partners and therefore we have limited documented pieces of information available on the website here. Feel free to investigate the Audio services documentation here on PDN as well as the Audio Usage page. Our support will be limited to the information available on the site.

That is all that is planned at this time. For further information or questions not related to using Pelco API or ONVIF services specifically, please reach out to Pelco Product Support, Sales, or your Business Development Contact.