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Live video using VideoXpertSdk-ExampleRunner sample

So I run your VideoXpertSdk-ExampleRunner using a Bosch OnVIF, but it does not seem to display a live stream but rather only the first frame. Is that the intent? (The Vx System is working properly, although a bit slow).

Hello there, thank you for your post. I have a few questions and some comments that may help to determine what might be happening.

One important thing to consider and to keep in mind is that the VX SDK itself does not perform streaming, but is a wrapper for making calls and obtaining data from VideoXpert. Streaming is left to the designer of the specific solutions, and for the purposes of our sample code, we chose to use GStreamer. This provides a way to demonstrate streaming (typically, I promise) in normal circumstances so that developers can use whatever option they feel best suits their needs.

Seeing only the first stream of a live video stream is not what I'd consider normal, no. You commented that the VxSystem is working properly, although it is a bit slow -- are you referring to (#1) streaming when using a VideoXpert client application like Vx Ops Center? Or, (#2) are you referring to communication (requests and responses using the VX SDK to the VideoXpert system) is slow? This information may help to determine the problem, and it's important to note if the camera is streaming normally within VideoXpert itself using the Vx Ops Center client software.

If it is streaming properly in Vx Ops Center, then it may have to do with the Gstreamer streaming mechanism. It would also be good to know if you're attempting to stream live RTSP or MJPEG, and if it's Unicast or Multicast (and if the system is configured for multicast or unicast streaming). Finally, it would be good to review the information in the vxsdk logs (default location is ProgramData\Pelco\vxsdk), to see if anything there can be helpful. It's often helpful to set the VxLogLevel to TRACE, for more verbose information and communication between the SDK and VX -- the .NET-ExampleClient sample (C#) has an easy menu option to adjust that, but for the C++ sample you may have to add a line of code to adjust the log level.

If the camera is not streaming in a normal and typical fashion on your VideoXpert system when using the Vx Ops Center client, then it may be a different issue with the camera and VideoXpert specifically -- you'll want to contact Pelco Product Support to discuss the issue with our support team if that is the case.