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Camera Pelco IMM12018-1EP (4 channels)


Is it possible get the rtsp video stream from each camera separately?

I has these rtsp url:
"/stream1 "

But it's not what I need for integration.

Thank you

Hello, thanks for your post.

You can log in to the camera's web GUI to change the streaming mode. There are 3 types; Panomersive H264, Tiled, and Panomersive Unistream. It sounds like the mode that you want is Tiled mode. This should give you 3 streams: 'tile_right_v', 'tile_front_v', and 'tile_left_v'. Please take a look at this and see if it fits your needs.

Hi Chris

1) I changed the camera mode, and now can open the rtsp video stream.

I used the URLs :

Please see the attached file "PelcoRTSP.png"

I have 4 channels and you sent only 3 RTSP urls. How I get the video from other channel?

2) I downloaded in Pelco site a new firmware version, but I don't know how I do the update, it is possible use the camera browser to update?
Downloaded the file: IMM12036-

Camera info now
Firmware version :
Hardware: 8360-B0
Model: IMM12036
Serial number: H511026

Thank you.

Hello there - thanks for the follow up.

The 4 streams are "mosaic", "tile_right_v", "tile_front_v", and "tile_left_v". You might try using ONVIF Device Manager to see what the different RTSP streams look like when the camera is in tiled mode. The Mosaic, Panomersive, or Uni-stream streams and modes are meant to be dewarped.

Your questions are not related to using SDK tools like VX SDK or Pelco SDK, or using the Pelco API as much ... so I would encourage you to please reach out to Pelco Product Support for further guidance. Please visit; or

You could use software tools like VX Toolbox or Pelco Utilities for firmware updates to the camera. Again, I would suggest reaching out to Pelco Product Support if you need further help with those tools or updating the camera.

If I can see all cameras separately, my first idea is not use a DLL to do the image dewarp, only get the rtsp stream.

But I cant understand
- In URL "mosaic" I get 3 channels together
- Or 3 urls "tile_right_v", "tile_front_v", and "tile_left_v, 3 channels separately.

But camera has 4 channels, one channel is missing, that is it? I cant get the rtsp?

In pelco site has a picture with 4 separately cameras A,B,C and D

Thank you for your help.

Thanks for your post.

I think I see where the misunderstanding is; the Optera camera does not provide a stream-per-sensor (like the graphic on that page might imply).

Internally the camera stitches the streams into one seamless video view. Because the seams between the sensors are practically non-existent internally on the camera, we had to chop them into separate views when the camera is set to Tiled mode. For this reason, there are 4 available streams when the 180 Optera is set to Tiled mode: (1) mosaic (for dewarping needs), (2) right, (3) left, and (4) front. You are getting all available streams with these 4 and they cover all of the available viewing area.

if you use the camera's web GUI using the camera's IP in a web browser, when viewing Live video (and the camera is set to Tiled mode), you should be able to see the boxes to designate each tile..

On that same webpage that you linked, further down the page under "Panomersive Modes" you'll see on the right is a section for "Tiled H.264 Mode". Those 3 streams in the picture are what you get in Tiled mode: Left, Front, and Right.

I hope that helps to clarify!