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Cameras IM series - FTP configuration

FTP server configuration

Hi there,
I have four cameras:
- IME229-1ES (Firm Ver.
- IME319 (Firm Ver.
- IMSC010 (Firm Ver. -20130731 -1.9260-O2.9946)
- TIE3 (Firm Ver.

We want to configure those cameras to upload JPEG to FTP server when an event occurs (such as motion events, etc). Adaptive motion was configured and tested.

Ftp named and using the base path: /CamFiles to store the shots.

All have been set following instructions below. I got images only from 1 camera (IME229) and the others 3 cameras send none shots.

I have these questions that maybe someone can help:

1) What is # port used for sending .jpeg to FTP server? (Port 21 by default or other?)
2) Is there a Firmware Version issues?
3) Some extra configuration that I need to take care?

Please, any help will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

ftp cameras configuration
1) Create a Source from within the Sarix camera's Settings>Event tab. The Type used is “Analitycs” as the Source.
2) Name the Source anything you want to remember it by (Using CAM name).
3) Move to the Settings>Event>Handlers configuration page.
3) Name your FTP Handler anything you wish it to be named.
4) Select the Handler Type of: Upload JPEG to FTP Server in the drop-down list.
5) Name your FTP Server. (Using
6) Place the Username and Password into the corresponding entry boxes
7) Name your Base Path (the actual directory you wish the images to be saved to on the FTP Site). In our case we set: /CamFiles
8) Select File name format (IF/WHERE appropriate), or, simply leave the defaulted format.
9) No filter selected
10) Select the Source you created in steps 1 and 2.

Hello there! Thank you for your post.

You will want to reach out to Pelco Product Support for these questions. You can find a list of telephone numbers and email addresses at this link from (under "About Us">"Contact Us">Technical Support Link):

Edit: I also checked the Knowledge Base on (under "Support">"Knowledge Base") and did a search for 'FTP JPEG' and came up with a match that may help. There is an article here: Article #12035. If that still doesn't do the trick, then I still suggest that you reach out to Product Support.

Sadly, I am not the best person to answer questions of this nature. The Pelco Developer network is specifically for developers writing code using VideoXpert SDK or who may have questions on our older SDK tools. I am very sorry that I'm not able to help, and I'm very confident that our Support team will be able to assist.