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Cannot Download 24 Hours Video Record

Hi everyone,

We use Pelco VideoExpert record platform and also we use our videowall software for downloading any video record in VideoExpert. In previous years, We are capable of downloading records which are inclouding more than 3 or 24 Hours but now we cannot. All pelco drives are up-to-date. Our Developers think that it may cause by VideoExpert SDK because We are using SDK to download from platform to pc. . (vers.1.12.66)
I hope ı am able to explain the problem.
Thanks in advange.

Hi there, thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear that you've encountered this issue.

Please help me to understand the problem a little more clearly; you stated that you cannot download recorded video - are you able to begin an Export of recorded video, either using the Vx SDK-driven application OR using Ops Center? If you can create the Export but you cannot actually Download the Export, is that the problem? It's a 2-step process (export and then download the export), and I want to understand which step the problem is occurring in.

Additionally, you mention that 'all pelco drives are up-to-date' - could you explain a bit what that means? What specific version of VideoXpert Core, Gateway, and Storage are you currently using on your VideoXpert system?

Finally, there are logs that are generated when using the Vx SDK. The default path for them is in ProgramData\Pelco\VxSDK. Could you please perform the problematic behavior and then include and attach a log of the problem in action for us to review for any possible clues? Please review and follow this Forum post about Post Attachments so that we can properly see them (it isn't 100% intuitive).


Hi Chris,

Thank you for responsing my message.

I can create and download Export file with Ops Center. There is no problem with Pelco VxOps and VxPlayer. It seems that problem is Vx SDK-Driven application.
When we would like to download video which is inclouding specific time , Own VideoVall programme send index with PelcoSDK list to Pelco CMG. If we chance to download specific time period which is more than 3 hours/ 4.5 GB, The Response is more than 4 hours. Hopefully i can explain our problem.

By the way, I will attach and send to log file as soon as possible.


Ok, thank you for the added information. That helps, a little. Please do try and get that log file and post it here so that we can take a look, that will help also.

Additionally, I still have some outstanding questions that I'd need the answers to properly help you out:

What version of VideoXpert Core, Gateway, and Storage are you using?
What version of Vx SDK are you using in the calling application?

Once again I'll restate your problem to ensure that I understand it properly: you cannot download an export that is more than 3 hours / 4.5gb in size when using the Vx SDK in your setup -- Is that stated problem correct?

You can create AND download an export using Ops center. You can create but NOT download the same export when using the Vx SDK. The one reason I'm still a little confused is because you don't specify a specific time period to download.... you specify a specific time period to export, and then you download that created export.

Does the Vx SDK Sample code properly work to download the export?

Please answer as many of these questions as you can so that I can best help you out. Additionally, I did attempt to create a 24-hour export in my VideoXpert system (without even using the Vx SDK) the other day when I first saw your post, and that failed too. I'll try a smaller export clip. In the past we have run tests on exporting an 8-hour clip of video, so this should be something that ought to work.

Thanks for the additional information that you can provide

Testing this behavior out further with another engineer, and we are seeing some interesting behavior. What appears to be happening is that the download does complete (our file does end up in the proper place where we specified)... but the code doesn't return because of how the WebClientDownloadProgressChanged method is expecting to finish.

Instead we've made some changes to the DownloadProgressForm and it tracks the amount of bytes received and tracks the progress that way. The code looks like this:


Don't completely copy/paste this code, since you may need to add the label lblDownloaded and modify the form a bit... but hopefully you can get the idea from the code here and what it is doing to check the bytes with TotalBytesToReceive for download of the export completion.

Please review your code as well and verify if the exports end up in the designated folder even if the code doesn't complete. You may just need to modify how the export is being checked for completion.