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Cannot run on clean Windows 10 installation

On the development machine works fine, not working on different computer

I have developed a simple application for live camera view with the VideoExpert SDK on Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition. Everithing works fine inside the environment and when started from Windows Explorer on the development machine. When I move the program to the clean Windows 10 machine it says that it cannot find CPPCli.dll or one of its dependencies. All necessary files are in the application folder. Can you please tell me what is missing. App folder and error are in the attachment.

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It's possible that you're missing Visual Studio Redist files that you used to develop your solution.

Alternatively, it may be a permissions issue or user account control issue (starting app as administrator, etc) and that the running application can't or doesn't have permissions to access the file.

Finally, you could use depends.exe to check for any missing file dependencies if these other suggestions do not do the trick.